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Thoughts from some of the people I've been blessed to work with...

"I don't think I'd be comfortable going to anyone else..."

I've been going to Jess for love and career advice for years- honestly, I don't think I'd be comfortable going to anyone else.


Jess is kind, non-judgmental and always has my best interest and higher self in mind. She's also great with energetic coaching, giving her psychic ability an extra bit of hands on, proactive direction. Nobody else will give you the effort and commitment she does and...her predictions have been eerily on point!


More than any other psychic I've ever seen, Jess has given me specifics that I would've NEVER thought could/would happen.


Trust me, I'm naturally pretty skeptical but she's the real deal. Love her!!

-Rebecca Leib,


"Her heart is as tremendous as her gift..."

Jessica is a gifted intuitive and exceptionally compassionate. She has a knack for reaching out to me in the exact moment that I have having a difficult time and need a spiritual hand-up.

I've worked with her, well really I've been supported by her, on three occasions. She helped me to make the right decisions for my beloved 22 year-old cat when he transitioned, possibly the most painful experience of my life.  

She helped me see the bigger picture and light at the end of the tunnel during a difficult period. And recently she had the much more adorable task of helping me pick which kitten to keep from a litter I was fostering.

I groaned when she told me the name she saw because at the time she was my least favorite but she was so right, that was the same kitten my other cat had just spent the afternoon snuggling.

Her heart is as tremendous as her gift and equally as healing.  

-Jackie Peters


"Like a psychic reading and a therapy session in one..."

Jessica is not just a basic psychic.


She's gifted with intuition, yes, but what makes her different and so much more helpful than most readers is that she brings in knowledge and encouragement around inner growth. Her readings are clear and and positive, and she doesn't hold back on helping you work through your own limiting beliefs. It's like a psychic reading and a therapy session in one.


For my relationship situation, Jess was able to see the emotional dynamic happening with my partner, and hone in on him and his behavior patterns and motivations with incredible specificity and accuracy. She also called me in to look at my own unconscious, self-sabotaging patterns, and help me take them apart so I could heal old, old wounds in a safe space.


Jess is fantastic... and even better if you're someone ready to do some work on yourself.


-Lyssa Mandel


"Knowledge, encouragement, nurture, and truth..."

I have reached out to Jessica at some of the toughest and best times of my life. She always without a doubt provides knowledge, encouragement, nurture and most importantly truth.


Her reads have always been spot on. She’s helped me bring to light things that I was completely unaware of. Anything she’s ever said to me regarding love, career, family etc, has always been accurate.


I will forever continue recommending and going to her! 


-Maria Lopez


"Shockingly accurate..."

Jessica gave such a thorough reading of mine the first time I saw her that I had to go back again a few months later for a follow up. Just about everything she said was so accurate, even the things that didn't make any sense at the time, all ended up coming true later. I described a few things that were going on in my life, and she was able to give me both a reading that was shockingly accurate, but also suggestions on how to deal with the things that would be popping up in my next few months.


I don't hesitate in recommending Jess to any friends of mine looking for a reading. 


-Stephanie Ritter


"I found her energy to very calming and gentle..."

I was very impressed by my two readings with Jessica at Loving Touch Psychic.  I have only had a few readings prior and am a bit cynical of such things but was going through a bit of a hard time and a friend recommended her and I decided to try a reading. I am so glad that I did.


Jessica is an empath and I found her energy to be very calming and gentle. She helped me during relationship troubles and helped me reconnect with an ex. I was recently laid off and she was able to predict - to the day when i would start a new job.


Throughout the readings she was very clear and she knew exactly what my problems and concerns were without me even revealing them.


I see from her website she also offers IFS and some healing work but she never tried to sell me on anything or push services on me which I have experienced in the past (that's what made me cynical). Nevertheless based on this experience I may reach out to work with Jessica more in the future. I cannot recommend her enough. 


- Kristin Seltman


"Jessica is my


I’ve been reading and doing healing work with Jessica for a couple of months now. Her readings have consistently come to pass and I truly trust what she has to say. I always leave a reading feeling both peaceful and empowered. Her healing sessions are top notch and I have to say that it has helped me tremendously energetically.


I have struggled with anxiety for years and the more healing work I do with Jessica the better I feel. She is also great about teaching you how to continue to do healing work on your own so you can continuously work through blockages.


Jessica is my go to for both readings and healing work. 

-Ashley Lajoie


"Attuned, thorough, and accurate..."

Jessica is a very attuned, thorough, and accurate psychic. She delves into your situation with her eyes on both the details and the big picture. Her demeanor is relaxed, encouraging, and thoughtful.


I appreciate not only her keen insights, but also her genuine interest in analyzing what she picks up with you in a constructive, supportive way. She’ll follow up and expand when you ask.


What’s impressed me is sometimes an image or word she saw at the time may not have made sense, but later it’ll click and resonate and I’ll be in awe at her abilities!


Highly recommend.  

-Samantha Steven


"You feel seen..."

Jess was such a surprise!  

I called a psychic line to get a reading and instead I found a woman who cared more about the quality of my soul’s desire than whether or not or when a certain someone will call.  

I have come to respect and appreciate her as a manifestation coach. Every one of her tips and resources has dramatically added to my fulfillment. NO KIDDING!  Reading with Jess, you feel seen, challenged, guided to an awareness of how what you want is possible through your own efforts, thoughts and divine blueprint.  

The spiritual practices she introduces us to , when used, can empower us to experience and create a full, joyful and expansive life on earth.  

So yeah, Jess, a beautiful soul sister who has been a delightful companion as I move towards the life I always sensed was possible. 

-Lisa Battaglia 


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